Aurora HDR Editing Extension Coming to Photos for OS X

In a press release today, MacPhun announced that the forthcoming Aurora HDR 1.1.1 will include an editing extension that enables HDR editing within Apple's Photos for OS X application on the Mac. I wrote an overview of editing extensions for Macworld a short time ago: Make Apple Photos for OS X more powerful with an editing extension.

Initially, this feature will apply only to the version of Aurora HDR that is sold through the Mac App Store, but Macphun confirmed to me that the Pro version will gain the ability soon after. Aurora HDR 1.1.1 is expected to be available sometime in the next 10 days (depending on how long it takes for Apple's app-review process to approve it). That version will also roll in improvements made to the Aurora HDR Pro 1.1 version that was released last week. (The versions aren't on the same release schedule due to Apple's limitations in the Mac App Store.)