Free Goodies for Aurora HDR Owners

Get the new Aurora HDR Gift Pack of presets free from Macphun.

Get the new Aurora HDR Gift Pack of presets free from Macphun.

If you own Aurora HDR or Aurora HDR Pro, check your email. Macphun sent a pair of holiday gifts in the form of HDR desktop wallpapers and some free HDR presets. (To install the presets, double-click the Gift-Pack.mpaupack file; Aurora HDR will expand it and put the presets in the correct place.)

If you do not yet own Aurora HDR, take advantage of the Holiday Bundle that gives you Aurora HDR Pro for $99 and includes bonus content such as a free copy of my book and training videos from Trey Ratcliff!

Buy Aurora HDR Pro, Get the Photoversity Guide for Free!

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve teamed up with Macphun to present a special holiday deal for Aurora HDR Professional. For a limited time, buy Aurora HDR Professional for just $99 and get my Photoversity Guide for free! Also included is a Pro Training package by Trey Ratcliff, a pack of holiday textures, and a free month in Ratcliff’s The Arcanum. That’s $260 worth of great stuff for just $99.

When you take advantage of this deal, be sure to follow the link on the inside cover of the book to sign up at Photoversity in order to be kept up to date on forthcoming updates to the book.

I’m really enjoying Aurora HDR and can’t wait for you to use it and read my book. A free trial version of the software is also available, so you can give it a spin before buying—just make sure you jump on this deal soon to get my book for free