Get My Free Aurora HDR Ebook from Macphun

The great folks at Macphun are currently including a short ebook I wrote for them with every Aurora HDR purchase: 10 Simple Steps to Make Amazing HDR Photos…but anyone can get it for free! It covers a few fundamentals, like tips for capturing good brackets in the first place, and points to features in Aurora HDR that give you more control over your HDR compositions.

If you already own the Aurora HDR Photoversity Guide, you likely know all the information in this new ebook (it also include several new photos by me)—but you could send it to a photo-loving friend who's looking to bump up their HDR game. And if you don't yet own the Photoversity guide, there's a special offer at the end to get 40% off the guide.

To get it, go to the Aurora HDR Free Stuff page, enter your email address, and download the book (plus other goodies, too). Macphun designed the book to be read in the iBooks app on OS X or any iOS device. Take a look at some sample pages below:

Free Goodies for Aurora HDR Owners

Get the new Aurora HDR Gift Pack of presets free from Macphun.

Get the new Aurora HDR Gift Pack of presets free from Macphun.

If you own Aurora HDR or Aurora HDR Pro, check your email. Macphun sent a pair of holiday gifts in the form of HDR desktop wallpapers and some free HDR presets. (To install the presets, double-click the Gift-Pack.mpaupack file; Aurora HDR will expand it and put the presets in the correct place.)

If you do not yet own Aurora HDR, take advantage of the Holiday Bundle that gives you Aurora HDR Pro for $99 and includes bonus content such as a free copy of my book and training videos from Trey Ratcliff!