Aurora HDR 2017 Is Coming in September

[Update: Aurora HDR 2017 is now out! See updated pricing below.]

Macphun has announced the next version of Aurora HDR, and it looks like a great update! New features of Aurora HDR 2017 include:

  • Improved tone mapping
  • New tools, including an adjustable polarize filter and a radial masking tool
  • Batch processing
  • An updated interface

Take a look at the new features and sign up for Macphun updates that come up between now and the release. Pre-orders will kick off September 15, and the update will launch September 29.

A range of pricing is available. [Updated]

  • Current users of Aurora HDR Pro can upgrade to Aurora HDR 2017 for $59
  • Current users of the standard version of Aurora HDR can upgrade to Aurora HDR 2017 for $79
  • New customers can order Aurora HDR 2017 for $79

Want to save some more? Use the coupon code PHOTOV17 to get 10% off Aurora HDR 2017, Creative Kit, and Macphun's current selection of software.

I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this release and updating my book to cover it!

Aurora HDR 1.1 Released

MacPhun just released version 1.1 of Aurora HDR and Aurora HDR Professional, with fixes and improvements in lots of areas. Choose Aurora HDR (or Aurora HDR Pro) > Check for Updates to download it. Here are the changes, copied from Trey Ratcliff’s Facebook page (because I forgot to copy and paste the release notes when I updated):

1. New presets category "Realistic HDR".
2. New option: Compare processed image to the middle image in the bracket set.
3. Improved Deghosting.
4. Improved Lightroom support. Easy way to use RAW files with Lightroom adjustments. 
5. Improved Aperture plugin - added ability to open multiply images.
6. New option: Use original image as source for layer.
7. New option: Customize the amount (opacity) of the effect for the first layer.
8. New control: Super Smooth slider for HDR Denoise. 
9. New option: Add new preset packs. 
10. Added and improved support for new RAW files (from different cameras).
11. Improved Image Zoom (zoom in where you click, not only at the image center)
12. More options for Deghosting (select reference image).
13. Sharing to 500px. 
14. New shortcut: Option+Click on the details mask slider to see this mask.
15. New shortcut - hold ‘M’ to show layer effect with 100% fill mask.
16. Variety of bug fixes.

I plan on updating the book to include these changes and a couple things that didn’t make it into the first release due to timing, right after I knock off a few other projects on my plate.

I hope you’re enjoying Aurora HDR and the book! If you don’t own it yet, click here to get your own copy.

Update: Here's another breakdown of changes, from MacPhun's press release:


  • Realistic HDR preset category for more natural one-click results.

  • Ability to add Custom Preset Packs

  • Compare your HDR image to the middle image of a bracketed set of exposures.

  • Adjust opacity for the original source layer.

  • Option to use the Original Image as the source for a new layer.

  • “Super Smooth” control added to HDR Denoise panel to provide extreme noise reduction and smoothing of any artefacts.

  • Shortcut: Option+Click on the Details Mask slider to see mask.

  • Shortcut: When brushing selective enhancements into a layer, press and hold the “M” key to view the effects with a 100% fill mask.

  • Sharing option for the popular 500px website.


  • Deghosting now produces better results automatically OR you can select one of your exposures as a “reference image” for ghost reduction.

  • Lightroom support adds the ability to export RAW files to Aurora that include their Lightroom adjustments.

  • Aperture support for merging multiple images.

  • Support for new RAW file formats from additional cameras.

  • Better Image Zoom supports zooming where you double-click and not only at the image center.

  • A variety of bug fixes, including better performance for image loading and interface response, color profile improvements and more.