How to Make Photoversity Presets Work in Aurora HDR 2017

If you're using Aurora HDR 2017 and downloaded the free Photoversity presets, you may be wondering where they disappeared to. Macphun changed the filename extension for Aurora HDR presets with the 2017 version. The presets still work just fine, but Aurora HDR 2017 can't see them.

I've updated the files for new orders, but if you already have the presets, you can make the fix yourself pretty easily.

If you've downloaded the presets for Aurora HDR 2017, do the following:

  1. In the folder of items you downloaded, locate the files that end in the extension .mip2.
  2. Rename the files from .mip2 to .map.

If Aurora HDR 2017 is open, it recognizes the presets within a few seconds. You'll find them by clicking the Custom preset category, or the All Presets option.

If you installed the presets for Aurora HDR (version 1.x), do the following:

  1. Open Aurora HDR 1.x.
  2. Choose File > Show Presets Folder. Keep that window open in the Finder.
  3. Open Aurora HDR 2017.
  4. Choose File > Show Presets Folder.
  5. In the Finder, hold the Option key and drag the .mip2 files from the Aurora HDR 1.x Presets folder to the Aurora HDR 2017 Presets folder. (Holding Option as you drag makes a copy.)
  6. In the Presets folder for Aurora HDR 2017, rename the filename extensions from .mip2 to .map.

If you have trouble, or you no longer have the original Photoversity presets, contact me at


Free Goodies for Aurora HDR Owners

Get the new Aurora HDR Gift Pack of presets free from Macphun.

Get the new Aurora HDR Gift Pack of presets free from Macphun.

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